Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Orange Acupuncture... unwinding memories

Dear Readers,

   It's been 2 years since Orange Acupuncture is established and I gotta say I love what I do and I like to help people. I'm grateful for all the continuous encouragement and support from my family, friends, colleague, teachers and patients.

   Through my practice, I've learned a lot. Each patient's body react to my treatment differently even if they would come in with similar complaints. This is challenging and yet very intriguing and motivating. Regardless of a doctor who focus in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Western Medicine there's no absolute formula that I can use on each patient. This is why it is considered as someone who practices medicine -> Doctor.

   Looking back at my decision of becoming a Dr. in Traditional Chinese Medicine 10 years ago, I realized that living in United States is localizing me and preventing me to learn more from my roots. Luckily, I was born and raised in Taiwan and my level of Chinese comprehension is very well. Because of my interest in TCM and Classical Chinese writings, I read all Huang Di Nei Jing (Ancient script of Traiditional Chinese Dr's treatment notes and lecture). One of the first medical books in Chinese history! I find it very interesting to learn from these articles that were documented, understand how the doctors figured out the pathology of diseases, and surprised by their creativity. Through learning acupuncture from school, the ancient documented articles, and my practice and experience, I was able to pick out the best and most logical treatment option. Not only do I compare them with oriental medicine, but also with western medicine which finally led me to develop my “framework of TCM”. With this framework I am able to understand a patient’s condition clearly, set up treatment plan, and adjust it by the treatment result. I am able to refine my thought and adjust the framework after evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

  Due to the different environment and limitation of information exchange in ancient time, doctors would develop their own “virtual structure”. Some of them are only able to apply on certain diseases, but those very talented doctors in history are able to develop virtual structure that can apply on most diseases even to those diseases he has never seen. I'm motivated by their advancement in medicine and I aim to advance my skills to better help those who are in need.

  I'm lucky to have found my passion at a young age and grateful for all the great reviews on Yelp and testimonies from my patients. Your stories gave me a lot of encouragement. They are the incessant reminders of why I wanted to be a doctor, and they are the living proof that I helped someone. I strongly believe in body's natural defense to fight off diseases and utilizing organic treatments and nutrients to promote better health along with enough exercise everyday.

To Your Health!

Winston Wang

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